Carlos Alberto Salazar Mateos

Visionary Entrepreneur and Culinary Maestro

Meet Carlos Alberto Salazar Mateos, a dynamic entrepreneur and culinary expert who combines a visionary mindset with a passion for creating unforgettable dining experiences. From pioneering upscale establishments to venturing into the energy sector, Carlos’s innovative spirit and commitment to excellence continue to inspire and lead in the world of business and hospitality.

About Carlos

Carlos Alberto Salazar Mateos was born in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, to a Mexican mother who instilled in him a passion for culinary arts. At the age of 13, he relocated to Maracaibo, where his mother founded a renowned Mexican restaurant called Los Soles. Growing up alongside his brother, Carlos developed a keen interest in entrepreneurship and hospitality.

He completed his education at Rossini Catholic School in Maracaibo, graduating with a solid academic foundation. Early on, Carlos immersed himself in the family business, assisting his mother in managing Los Soles Restaurant. This experience sparked his entrepreneurial spirit, leading him to co-found Nuvo, the first wine and cigar bar in the area, alongside his brother. Additionally, he pioneered Le Valet Parking, catering to the growing demand for premium parking services.

In 2011, Carlos ventured into the energy sector by founding Inversuss, a company specializing in energy and oil supplies. This venture proved to be a significant milestone in his career, establishing him as a successful businessman with a knack for identifying lucrative opportunities. Expanding his entrepreneurial endeavors, he ventured into international markets, with Los Soles Restaurant opening its doors in Aruba in 2018 and La Market, a supermarket concept, launching in Maracaibo in 2019.

In 2015, Carlos further expanded his business footprint by establishing Inversuss Inc in Miami, solidifying his presence in the global market. Presently, he is actively involved in managing Inversuss operations in Caracas, demonstrating his commitment to driving growth and innovation in the energy sector.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Carlos finds solace in various leisure activities, including golf, tennis, and kite surfing. His diverse interests reflect his dynamic personality and unwavering dedication to both personal and professional excellence. Carlos Alberto Salazar Mateos continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs with his resilience, vision, and relentless pursuit of success.

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Carlos Alberto Salazar Mateos is a dynamic and resourceful entrepreneur from Caracas, Venezuela, born in Puerto La Cruz on March 24, 1986. With a rich cultural heritage rooted in his mother’s Mexican origins and her entrepreneurial spirit as the founder of a Mexican restaurant in Maracaibo, Carlos’s journey into the business world was almost predestined.